Teaching and learning

2 12 2009

Well today the tables were turned. As a student, I’m used to sitting in lectures, absorbing. Feeling something of a sponge, although knowledge rarely sticks beyond 24 hours, as it is wrung out to make room for the new! But that probably says more about my innability to remember than any fault on the lecturers part.

Today, however, was my turn.

I had 1 hour, 1 subject, and 4 eager students (well, 3 students and 1 GP) to impart knowledge and wisdom to!

Choosing a topic largely within my comfort zone, but also learning a lot in the process seemed a sensible direction to go. And in the end, I figured that by the time I’d left time for questions, and a fun game of snakes and ladders (with medical questions before anyone was allowed to move forwards lol), I only really needed 35-40minutes of material. This was fine, I could answer almost every little problem, and even took some time to explain how I remembered some of the equations involved. Lets just say I’m not usually a visual learner, but in this case I imagine a lady made of china and a yuppy in London (wearing a hat for reasons that make sense only to me!). Odd, but even odder is that it actually works!

Finally, as I’d heard that chewing improved memory (http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn2039-chewing-gum-improves-memory.html), I reassigned some of the chocolates I’d brought from the game to help with memory during the seminar parts of the session, in the hope it might help… well it kept them happy (and sugared up!), anyway! 

All in all, a success!