Spark of interest

5 12 2009

OK, so I’ve been thinking a lot over the past week about how hobbies and interest wax and wane over time. This weekend I should be at a martial arts training thing. Now, it’s not that I don’t want to go exactly. I do. I know if I was there, then I’d have a great time. However (I thought this would write easier than ‘but’….turns out it’s the same thing!). I’m tired. The last time I properly was training I became ill. Then I had a bit of a knock to my complete lack of confidence. Et voila. I no longer feel the same spark I used to. I have no doubt that with rest, and a bit of a break, that spark will return. But for now, I just want to crawl into bed and not get out.

Which is partly why I’m so happy about discovering magic. Now, I’m not exactly new to this world, but the last time I really took it seriously, I was just a kid. I’ve kept a toe in the water, but it’s only really since visiting a wonderful magic shop with some lovely forum people 🙂 that I’ve felt that neccessary enthusiasm to actually go somewhere with it. These last few weeks, I’ve loved nothing better than curling up with whatever book’s just landed on my doorstep, and just absorbing. No pressure (yet), just learning and, more importantly, enjoying. I suppose my intention for writing this comes from a need to understand my thoughts in this.

I am glad I took this time to not learn some of this. In many ways, learning about magic takes something away. It reduces something impossible, something magical, into a trick. In some ways I feel saddened by this. It is a part of the lonliness that comes with the teratory. Yet the struggle to keep the magic alive for others is what drives people to magic. So the excitement returns, anew. And what an amazing thing that is!




2 12 2009

I’d just like to record for posterity the glee and excitement that comes with the delivery of a book.

Can you guess what it is? 🙂


13 10 2009


I get goose-pimpley just thinking about this word.

In conjours images of magicians in pointy hats, flowing robes, rabbits flying out of hats, and the queen of hearts appearing on foreheads.

Yet the origins of this word are somewhat unclear, and the subject of disagreements and civil war (ok, I made that last bit up…). Myself, I am unsure about the true background of this word, but I would like to share with you a story I heard that might be a part of it’s history.

In medicine, diseases have what we in healthcare refer to as the ‘natural history’ of the disease. This is what would happen to a sufferer (and in what timescale) if the disease was left to progress naturally. Of course, with some disease, this might be along the lines of – feels ok, feels worse, body destorys itself, patient dies. Most diseases do not follow this progression. Most diseases (think coughs, colds, flu…regular things…) go – feel ok, feel worse, feel worse, feel better, feel even better, feel back to normal. Often this happens within a week or so.

It is fact that people will often come to see their doctor or seek other health advice only at a very low point. With this as the case, the doctor rarely has to do anything – the natural history of the disease is such that the person will start to feel better in a few days…REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE DOCTOR DOES!

The story I heard of the root of abracadabra works with this principle. I was told that it was a spell to cure diseases. Every day, the sufferer was to write the word ABARACADABRA down, and leave it under their pillow. Each day, the sufferer would write it with one less letter. So day 2, the word would read ABARACADABR, day 3, ABARACADAB… and so on.

This would continue until only the initial A remained, and the patient was cured.

Magic, huh?!

Jo   xx