Keep calm and drink tea!

24 04 2011


Finals start this week, but at least all will be over in a little over a week and a half! (Until resits…)

Cannot wait for lazy days, BBQ days, sand-between-the-toes beach days, pamper days, and learning to snowboard days. And I’m very excited that I seem to have bagged an interesting, relevant audit to do with a new friend, and a great placement with a truly fascinating department for some of my  post-exams private study time!

But until then, at least I’ve got these adorable “keep calm and…” badges to kep me smiling. That and a very full belly from the post-Easter-Sunday-pub-roast chocolate binge!

See you on the other side…



New trainers

16 11 2010

OK, it’s been a while. It’s the bloggers curse…that horrible “It’s been ages since I updated, promise I’ll do better in future” post. Busy with the start of final year (and with the start of final year, the start of finals exams!), popped along to local Skeptics in the Pub a couple of times, and just catching up with friends after being away over the summer and on far placements during the week,

But my news is very exciting. I have some super-cool, geek friendly david and goliath trainers:

Ahhh, how super-cure are they?! Nerdtastic.