Climate vs Weather

2 01 2011

Armstrong and Miller = genius.


Freshers’ ‘Flu and the Magic of Performance

10 10 2009

Hi all,

Appologies for the lack of posts – I’m currently dosed up on a multitude of medicines, spiking fevers and generally feeling bloody awful!

On a tenuously related note (well, I was ill at the time but struggled out to infect an intire arena of unsuspecting people – oops), I saw an amazing comic at work last night. Despite the ridiculous size of the venue, and the somewhat intimidating number of people there to watch, the performance was spectacular – engaging, hilarous, and even let me forget my illness (for a few minutes anyway…).

At the end of a frankly exhausting set, I couldn’t help but feel for the poor bloke on stage. 2 hours of entertaining others has got to be tough. In medicine, you spend your life playing a sort of role. Yes, you genuinly care for your patients. But you don’t bring your private life and troubles to work. Imagine showing up in hospital with an emergency at midnight and being treated by a doctor who hasn’t slept for the best part of a week, has only had a packet of crisps since breakfast and feels completely alone, being too scared to bleep his superior. At the very moment you need reassuring, this poor chap must deny his every need and put on a show (if you will), not only for the sake of you, but for himself too.

I imagine the end of a comic’s tour feels something like this. If anything, their job is harder. In medicine you can occassionally get away with gruffness, perhaps hoping it comes across as busyness and efficiency. I watched with awe last night, imposing my own exhaustion on the chap on stage, and in a strange way it comforted me. If I can imagine others spending 2 hours entertaining 10s of thousands of people and then collapsing in a heap at the edge of the stage, I can feel less guilty about just wanting to kick back, watch a crappy film, drink a mug of hot chocolate (made with milk of course, none of that namby pamby low fat rubbsih….!), and just ignore the world. If only until tomorrow.

Think of me during your next visit to A&E. Bring biscuits and make sure the junior doctors get a couple!

Jo xx