Musings on exercise

2 03 2013

Please excuse a ‘personal’ blog for today. Trying to get back in the swing of this blogging malarky, properly inspired by some wonderful bloggers out there who do this madness every day.

I’ve been musing a lot about exercise this past week. Had a friend complain jokingly that I have been doing too much exercise lately, which started me thinking. Then YogaDude (more on this later) joked about doing exercise so that we can eat copius amounts of pancakes.

But why do we exercise? More specifically, why do *I* exercise?

I know on an intellectualy level that exercise is (generally)  good for you. Improving fitness and health, focusses the mind, helps with weight management etc etc. But this is boring right?! And that probably explains my somewhat flitty attitude to exercise. At the moment, no way would you catch me in a gym, pounding a treadmill to get precisely nowhere.

No, where I get off is in variety. This week is perfect. Had a new teacher in street dance Monday totally changed my view of what I have enjoyed about these classes. Cute and fun choreography abounded and although I didn’t quite get my sweat on like previous classes, great sense of achievement after nailing the routine. Contrast this with the last instructor who pandered to my secret, previously unknown love of all things Britney (but in serious moderation, and limitted strictly to his sessions) and made the class swear on the inside (in a good way) when he walked in drinking redbull one sesh. Adore the group feeling there too – all there to have a good time, and never mind when we look like raving loons with arms and legs getting in a total muddle!

Tuesday came my new love with yoga. And not just any yoga either. Superhardcore Ashtanga yoga. Yeah. Love getting sweaty and feeling like an idiot, faceplanting into the floor approx 4 times per session, and giggling insanely when this inevitable event occurs. Not sure this fits with the superserious attitude of most of the class, but come on – this sh*t is supposed to be for fun right?! And oh my does it make me feel amazing. Feel stronger, more powerful, more in control of myself and my body after just a few sessions. Worked sooo hard this week and my oh my have I felt it! Sleepy time at the end of sessions=me wrapped up with a blanket with cuddles from resident YogaCat and a chance to recall amazing meditations from my ninja days. Leave sessions with a massive grin on my face.

Managed to catch up with friends and family Wednesday and Thursday, although weird side effect of yoga I have noted is that my appetite drops for the day or 2 after each weekly session. Partly it seems that I get super thirsty and so fill up on water. I also get really fussy about what I’m putting into my body (think fruit, green tea, lean protein, pretty much zero bread/pasta/usual adored carbs). But mostly I’m just plain not hungry. Must be the twisting or something squeezing my insides!!!!

End the week with some more dancey fun and today went for a blissful run in the Spring sunshine, and you can see exactly what I mean about variety. On the to do list for the year is to get back into climbing once the other half is back in the country, learn to snowboard, and perhaps try to learn to surf (standing up not just body boarding).

Part of me really wants to get back into martial arts. Loved the energy and fun of both Ninpo and Aikido, although currently time is a major factor to consider.

So this is what I’m loving about excercise: fun, variety, socialising and improved wellbeing. Defintiely not any sense of an endpoint. No real goal in terms of fitness, endurance, weight loss, event trainging. End point is simply to have a good time and meet fab people.

And this seems to be working.




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