Kindness at work

12 03 2012

I have been incredibly fortunate to come accross some of the kindest Drs, nurses, physios, OTs, social workers, dieticians during the past few years. But I’m still reeling in a good way (is there a word that means reeling in a good way?) from one experience a year ago. I was thanked by a consultant. Simply, specifically, honestly, proper-from-the-heart thanked. People in positions of power have this amazing ability to help those junior to them, something with teaching, sometimes with time, sometimes with effort, sometimes simply with kindess.

This same Dr lived his life this way. Shift work is vital to the way our NHS works, and he facilitated this in many ways. Thanking the night staff and arranging meetings to allow the night staff to leave on time formed an important part of the work ethic. He would always be understanding of the extreme pressure being up all night has on one’s mental state.

I see kindness at work every day now. Senior nurses taking junior doctors under their wings, consultants acknowledging their trainees’ good work, registrars making their house officers and SHOs feel that little bit more part of the team with the words of praise. I work with nurses who comfort us juniors on tough days, and giggle with us when things are good. Dieticians who go to incredible lengths to help me out, just because we asked. The *entire* radiology department for being so understanding when I pitch up with yet another superurgenthastobedonenow scan…and individuals in said department who will chase me down a corridor to tell me slots have become available!

If I can be half as kind in my work as these incredible individuals, I’ll be happy.




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