New year, new job

31 01 2012

So, started a new job at the tail end of the year, and found my feet at last…. and I’m *loving* it! Great bosses, fabbier contemporaries, and the middle grades just make coming to work hilarious. Add to that a great bunch of patients, and it’s a winning combination. Get my arse handed to me most days, but am enjoying trying to keep up. Coming up with the list of #rulesforsurgicalhouseofficers slowly but surely.

  1. The boss is always right
  2. As per 1. Even if they’re wrong. In fact, especially if they’re wrong.
  3. CALL FOR HELP. Early and often.
  4. Leave work. Eventually you’ll have to. You might as well get a good night’s rest before rinsing and repeating. On call is there for a reason.
  5. It’s ok to feel lonely and/or terrified in this job. And to admit to it. Even the occasional senior does (but only at 3am).
  6. Your team can be your lifeline. Look after them, they’re already looking after you. (And yes, pilfering sandwiches from a lunchtime meeting when the boss is stuck in clinic or theatre counts).
  7. Nurses are AMAZING. Tell them.
  8. KY jelly sachets. Always carry some in your work bag. Makes you look like a freak, but saves time on endless ward rounds.
  9. If they stop kicking your arse when you mess up, it means they’ve given up on you. Try to remember this.

…to be added to as the job continues.





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