Happy new year

4 01 2012

Haappy new year!

Thought I’d just have a little think back to the year just past. Here are my top 10 bits of 2011:

  1. Ghana – top mates, interesting medicine, and a whole lotta memories
  2. Running the half marathon with zilch training, the day after an all you can eat Chinese!!
  3. Centre Parcs. Never been before, but a whole lotta fun with great company!
  4. The amazing Uncaged Monkeys show the night I finished finals
  5. Lake District. Plenty of walking and gatecrashed a stag do… ooops!
  6. Barcelona…. strictly the end of the year before, but was wonderful…. Veggie tapas epicness!
  7. Skeptics in the pub, my monthly nerdfest
  8. National Trust. I am officially a member. How did that happen?
  9. Weekend get-aways. The UK is beautiful, city, country, doesn’t matter! Managed a long weekend in Majorca too!
  10. Magic shows: Derren Brown and Barry and Stuart

Here’s hoping 2012 is filled with as many laughs, new friends, and inspiration.. Would love to mention all those who have made the long days that little bit brighter, but I’d be here forever, and besides, I have a sneaking suspicion they know already! 😀





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