Days of our lives

19 10 2009

Well… what fun I have been having.

I feel the need to have a teensy rant, in between talking about magic and medicine, and just tell you something of my life. Tragically, at the moment, my life revolves around medicine. My placement takes well over an hour to get to (even with a lift!) each way, so I waste at least 3 hours a day. This on top of the fact we have to be in for 8.30 starts, and finish whenever the doctor deems us done with, means I’m spending my whole life going to hospital, being in hospital or sleeping.

Not leaving much time for blogging!

It’s times like these when I feel dissillusioned with the whole thing. I feel like the consultants are constantly on my case about not having done enough reading, but it becomes a choice between sleeping or sudying. I choose sleeping! I’d just like a bit of time, a bit of breathing space from this production line.

The UKFPO forms for the year above (basically our job applications) look horrible – the questions are truly yucky!! They don’t care if you have a life outside medicine, or that you have hobbies to keep you sane. They just want to know that you’ve locked yourself in a hopsital to find a load of “cases” (these patients no longer become individuals, just their hospital id number, and initials if they’re very lucky…).

Ho hum.

Will try to stay on topic next time!





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